TresJolieCoco (tresjoliecoco) wrote in ma_weddings,

Long-distance planning

Hi, all! I'm trying to plan our wedding for March 2010 in Boston (Spring Break, WOO! Well, more like Please don't blizzard, WOO!)-- all of our family and most of our friends live there, but we live in sunny Arkansas.

Since we're going to be doing most of the preliminary stuff via email and telephone-- our next scheduled visit is July/August 2009-- I'm looking for any/all suggestions so our visits can be well-organized when we get back to MA.

Our budget isn't super huge (about $10000, if we can do it) and we're going to be looking at places out of season. Anyone know of any venues in the Metro West or South Shore areas that have awesome off-season discounts for March? Oh, also, the invite list is being capped at 100, but I'd bet about 85-90 of them will show since it's not wedding season and they won't be traveling far.

I'm so new to all of this, and haven't been planning my dream wedding since childhood, so I'm pretty open. Both of us are a little offbeat (arts nerds-- we met doing plays together), and our tastes run toward minimalist, just to give you a sense of things.

Whatever you can offer helps! Thanks so much!
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