_vanitynumber (_vanitynumber) wrote in ma_weddings,

5 weeks to go!

We were going to get married at the Arnold Arboretum, but I am afraid of our grandparents walking in it, and when we went, it just wasn't what I thought- maybe I didn't go in it enough. Anyone get married there and have a success? (We are getting married June 13th so I dont know what will be in bloom)

Also we were going to rent a chapel at United Union Methodist Church in Boston, next to Maggianos (we were going to have our reception dinner there, well lunch since its cheaper) and we already bought our BEAUTIFUL cake from Party Favors in Brookline

Any suggestions on local (cheap) makeupartists that could maybe meet me at my hotel or site of wedding, even if they are in cosmotology school.. and a place for our ceremony. We already have our JP ready. and possibly a nice "family style" wedding. We don't want to spend no more than $30 pp, and its only 15 of us..

again its hard because I am out of state and I am doing most of this online. excpet last week we went up and did alot of planning, now I am starting to rethink everything

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