Nicola (nickodemus23) wrote in ma_weddings,

Nontraditional wedding registry opinion

My SO and I may end up getting married by years end. We want to plan a dual wedding, one here one in his home of Hawaii. I will have many questions to come about short-term planning, but right now I'm wondering this...

I just read an interesting article regarding non-traditional registries. People setting up Paypal accounts for their Honeymoon with an itemized list showing what your "donation" would provide on that trip, ie. hotel room, fanccy dinner, etc. Others prefering charitable donations. Some lists for assistance to go back to school, help by a house, so on and so forth.

So my question here is, what is your opinion/perception on this? Is it ok to be nontraditional or is it perceived as greedy? Have you encountered these non-traditional registry lists? Does it influence your purchase or the satisfaction of your purchase? Is it ok to register for what you REALLY WANT or should you just ask for that toaster?
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