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Stonehurst vs. CMAC

I know some of you in this community have held your weddings at Stonehurst, and I was hoping you might be able to provide me with some feedback about your experience there.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many guests they had and how well their numbers worked with having dinner in the summer parlor.  We're thinking of having somewhere around 100 people and are wondering if 100 feels crowded in that one room or if it fits comfortably.

Another place we're considering is the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.  The main room there is beautiful and a bit larger than the summer parlor at Stonehurst, but the rest of the building is a little too institutional for what we're looking for.  Has anyone been to a wedding there?  What did you think?

Any advice would be very much appreciated!
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loved stonehurst, the wedding was late summer, no one spent any time indoors at all. it was awesome.
My wife and I got married there in early October. We had 100 guests give or take and had a great day. Our circle of friends still considers our wedding to have been the "best" and "most fun" wedding of any in our little married community.

Feel free to ask any other specific questions you have. I work for the City of Waltham and know a good deal about the place.