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Registry Kudos: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Hey MA Weddings!

I've been married since June 9, 2007 (and we're still happy LOL), but I hang out here to read and offer advice as I can.  I also am in a few weddings next year, so this is helping for idea.

Anywho - I wanted to take a couple of minutes to post about the most amazing registry experience I've had with Bed, Bath, & Beyond. 

Disclaimer:  I do not work there, I do not have any investment in their company, and I fully understand that service can vary between locations.

Experiences before the wedding -

Our initial registering experience was good - no big snafus and everything was pretty easy.  We were at a smaller BBB, so we went online when we got home from registering and added some other things from their website, and we were golden.

Family and friends were able to easily buy online and ship to us - which was essential as we had many guests who live in Canada who weren't able to make the shower but wanted to give a gift. 

Experiences after the wedding -

We got a coffee maker and it totally came broken.  We went through the manufacturer who sent new parts and were fine...until it broke again.  We then brought it back to BBB and what do you know - they don't sell it anymore.  And, me being a bit anal in what I like and want - did not want a different kind.  So, they did a search, found one in a store in KY (I'm in MA) and send it to me for no shipping charge.  We've been using it ever since with no issues.

We got some decent knives (Sabatier, I believe) and I immediately was disappointed I didn't register for better knives, specifically Henckels.  But, we stuck through them until 1 knife completely broke, most of the knives had rust spots a year later, and finally the kitchen scissors broke when I was cutting flowers.  I went in to BBB to buy some stuff (I am *still* using gift cards from the wedding HAHA) and asked them about my knives.  I asked if I should go through the manufacturer and she said absolutely not and to bring them in.  I told her my wedding date and that the purchase date was probably way before that - that I didn't have the box, receipt, etc...and she said none of that was an issue.  I packed up the block and brought it in - she pulled my registry and gave me a full credit for the purchase price to get new knives.  I ended up with an amazing set of Henckels after being assisted by one of their customer service people on what type of knives would work best for me and last a long time.

Being there is such a lack of focus on customer service these days (in my opinion) - I have been blown away with the level of service the associates at BBB provide.  There is nothing they won't do to go to the end of the earth for me - even 1.5 years since my wedding!  They have won me as a permanent customer - and I am telling everyone I know who is getting married to consider them as a registry.

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