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Best place to shop for wedding dress?

Just found this site and will post an intro later, but right now I have a quick question:

Where's the best place to shop for a wedding dress? Right now I'm mostly looking for some place where I can get a better idea of the size(s), style(s), and color(s) that look best on me. Ideally a place where the employees are really great/helpful because I don't know much about what I want.

Looking for some where in or near Boston, MA. If not in Boston, preferably north of Boston, but if it's good, I'll take what reccommendations I can get. :)

Cost isn't too important right now because this trip is more to get an idea about size, shape, and color (I then plan to go to the Running of the Brides with what I learn from this trip), but I'd rather not go to one of the super high end places.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and sorry if you see this posted more than once, trying to cover all my bases :)

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