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David's Bridal

Hi all! Just wanted to give you guys an experience I went through at David's Bridal. I am a SUPER last minute bride, so after going to a few dress shops, I quickly found that nothing was going to be ready in time (1 month) for my wedding, so in desperation, I went to David's Bridal. I've been before and had AWFUL experiences w/the sales staff, ect.. so I wasn't expecting much. But I found a dress I loved in 5 minutes that was a bit too big, but otherwise was perfect. I paid, signed up for a fitting in two weeks, and was on my way. The dress was $400.00 which was more than reasonable in my opinion, so I was happy and really relieved.

Here comes the "fun" part. I went in yesterday for my fitting and there was a bride literally SCREAMING because they had chopped off the satin hem on her dress and she was beyond upset about it. So, I was barely greeted, rushed into a room where I proceeded to wait for 45 minutes in my big heavy dress w/o a clue what was going on (after driving an hour and a half). Finally the seamstress came out and yelled at me and told me I'd have to come back w/my bra I was wearing w/the dress. I told her, I don't want to add any bulk (I'm a 38 DDD) and that I'd prefer to have cups sewn in, or just have the dress be fitted enough where I could go w/o.

This was apparently not acceptable for her and she demanded that I go next door to Lane Bryant and buy a bra or she would not fit me. I purchased probably 3 strapless bras, none that I wanted to wear for the wedding.. so how can I find one in 10 minutes?? So finally I told her that her customer service skills were hideous and that I would find someone to fit the dress elsewhere, where I could be assured they'd have a clue.

I just wanted to share my experience w/you all. I'm actually living in NY now after years in Boston, but am having my wedding on Nantucket. I'm a size 16, with a HUGE chest and first of all finding a dress that would fit my boobs.. I think I ended up having to go w/a size 22W and then not having it fit me correctly so close to my wedding and being treated like that was in my opinion NO way acceptable.
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