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Ok so most of my wedding planning has gone off with out a hitch. It took some time to find our reception venue but we did and have paid more than half of it off. Everything else just kinda fell into place. Now we picked my families church due to our history and its the only church I know. We recently got a new pastor and things are kinda iffy with him. Basiclly we didnt like him but loved the church, it was open and huge windows, big center isle. It was the curch I grew up in. So litterly a week after we were engaged I talked to him one Sunday in church and he told us oh you have plenty of time I only one wedding this year. I reserved the date for Sept 21st that sunday and litterly two weeks later we knew the right date was the 13th of October. And im not kidding when I say how many times I have called and left messages to him to call me back. finally Jan came and im like dad he has yet to call me back what the heck to I do. So my dad stoped by the church and talked to him to give him the new date nevermind he never called us back. So he informs my dad he cant do that date he wishes we reserved it sooner cause he has a late afternoon wedding. Oh I flipped, I cried and cried and cried. And come to find out the people aint even members. my WHOLE family is My granparents. My parents were married there. Its my DREAM to get married here. So I called him and his sectary put me right through and he told me he could refer me another minister who could do it at my reception or in a park. Or I could even do it at 11:00 am. A am wedding was the last thing I wanted to begin with. I just broke down and cried and told him how important this church was to me. So I basically gave up on getting married here and set out to find a new church. I found one and we loved the pastor. He is so kind and funny. Easy to talk to. One prob. the church is so small. Its an old pilgrim one with no center isle. just isles down the sides. I dont know what to do anymore. Should I give up my dream of a big church or settle for the sweet pastory in his tiny church. We are limited to church cause my fh refuses to be married by a woman. He says he only wants one woman up at the alter...
I serisouly dont know what to do anymore. I'm going to cross post this to MA weddings Maybe some of you lovlies can give me a church on Taunton/ Rehobeth/ area.
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