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dj addam makes weddings awesome! [01 Dec 2009|12:31pm]

i have 14 years of professional events experience - but testimonials speak louder than propaganda!

• Jennifer Han / Grant Rice wedding :

“Addam was absolutely amazing at our July wedding. He strategically incorporated our alternative music tastes with songs the older crowd could enjoy. He was really receptive to our requests and his presence truly vibed with our whole evening. He was also professional and Loads of fun!!! We received MANY compliments about him from everyone who attended and they all said he was the best DJ they have heard at a wedding and most unforgettable! THANKS SO MUCH ADDAM!!!” - Jen & Grant

• Elissa Crary / Terrence Coogan wedding :


I just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job at the wedding. It was perfect! Terry and I had the best time and I know everyone else did too. The music was perfect... People are still telling me how much fun they had. You really listened to what we said we did and didn't like and followed it and that made everything that much better.

So thanks again, so much. You rule!" - Elissa Crary-Coogan

...don't settle for an average dj for one of the most special days of your life!


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Locations and Photographers [09 Jan 2009|01:45pm]

Just wondering if anyone has been to a wedding at the Spring Valley CC in Sharon-- the prices look surprisingly reasonable and the facility looks really nice. Is this a trick of advertising, or is it a decent place?

Also, my fiance and I decided the one non-location/food thing we'd want to splurge on is a good photographer. Does anyone know anyone in Eastern MA who's talented but reasonable? I think the highest we could go is $1500, to give you an idea of budget-- but we don't need a deluxe package.

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Long-distance planning [01 Jan 2009|09:40pm]

Hi, all! I'm trying to plan our wedding for March 2010 in Boston (Spring Break, WOO! Well, more like Please don't blizzard, WOO!)-- all of our family and most of our friends live there, but we live in sunny Arkansas.

Since we're going to be doing most of the preliminary stuff via email and telephone-- our next scheduled visit is July/August 2009-- I'm looking for any/all suggestions so our visits can be well-organized when we get back to MA.

Our budget isn't super huge (about $10000, if we can do it) and we're going to be looking at places out of season. Anyone know of any venues in the Metro West or South Shore areas that have awesome off-season discounts for March? Oh, also, the invite list is being capped at 100, but I'd bet about 85-90 of them will show since it's not wedding season and they won't be traveling far.

I'm so new to all of this, and haven't been planning my dream wedding since childhood, so I'm pretty open. Both of us are a little offbeat (arts nerds-- we met doing plays together), and our tastes run toward minimalist, just to give you a sense of things.

Whatever you can offer helps! Thanks so much!

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Registry Kudos: Bed, Bath, & Beyond [17 Nov 2008|06:28pm]

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Hey MA Weddings!

I've been married since June 9, 2007 (and we're still happy LOL), but I hang out here to read and offer advice as I can.  I also am in a few weddings next year, so this is helping for idea.

Anywho - I wanted to take a couple of minutes to post about the most amazing registry experience I've had with Bed, Bath, & Beyond. 

Disclaimer:  I do not work there, I do not have any investment in their company, and I fully understand that service can vary between locations.

Experiences before the wedding -

Our initial registering experience was good - no big snafus and everything was pretty easy.  We were at a smaller BBB, so we went online when we got home from registering and added some other things from their website, and we were golden.

Family and friends were able to easily buy online and ship to us - which was essential as we had many guests who live in Canada who weren't able to make the shower but wanted to give a gift. 

Experiences after the wedding -

We got a coffee maker and it totally came broken.  We went through the manufacturer who sent new parts and were fine...until it broke again.  We then brought it back to BBB and what do you know - they don't sell it anymore.  And, me being a bit anal in what I like and want - did not want a different kind.  So, they did a search, found one in a store in KY (I'm in MA) and send it to me for no shipping charge.  We've been using it ever since with no issues.

We got some decent knives (Sabatier, I believe) and I immediately was disappointed I didn't register for better knives, specifically Henckels.  But, we stuck through them until 1 knife completely broke, most of the knives had rust spots a year later, and finally the kitchen scissors broke when I was cutting flowers.  I went in to BBB to buy some stuff (I am *still* using gift cards from the wedding HAHA) and asked them about my knives.  I asked if I should go through the manufacturer and she said absolutely not and to bring them in.  I told her my wedding date and that the purchase date was probably way before that - that I didn't have the box, receipt, etc...and she said none of that was an issue.  I packed up the block and brought it in - she pulled my registry and gave me a full credit for the purchase price to get new knives.  I ended up with an amazing set of Henckels after being assisted by one of their customer service people on what type of knives would work best for me and last a long time.

Being there is such a lack of focus on customer service these days (in my opinion) - I have been blown away with the level of service the associates at BBB provide.  There is nothing they won't do to go to the end of the earth for me - even 1.5 years since my wedding!  They have won me as a permanent customer - and I am telling everyone I know who is getting married to consider them as a registry.


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Venues Suggestions [05 Aug 2008|05:38pm]

My fiance and I have (mostly) decided on a cocktail wedding reception in October 31, 09, but now it's a matter of deciding just WHERE???!!!!

Has anyone had any experience with a cocktail themed ie. no set dinner served event? I'm at a loss trying to figure out wht venues to look into. The standard wedding hall won't really cut it. Or will it? Any thoughts?

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[08 May 2008|06:42pm]

5 weeks to go!

We were going to get married at the Arnold Arboretum, but I am afraid of our grandparents walking in it, and when we went, it just wasn't what I thought- maybe I didn't go in it enough. Anyone get married there and have a success? (We are getting married June 13th so I dont know what will be in bloom)

Also we were going to rent a chapel at United Union Methodist Church in Boston, next to Maggianos (we were going to have our reception dinner there, well lunch since its cheaper) and we already bought our BEAUTIFUL cake from Party Favors in Brookline

Any suggestions on local (cheap) makeupartists that could maybe meet me at my hotel or site of wedding, even if they are in cosmotology school.. and a place for our ceremony. We already have our JP ready. and possibly a nice "family style" wedding. We don't want to spend no more than $30 pp, and its only 15 of us..

again its hard because I am out of state and I am doing most of this online. excpet last week we went up and did alot of planning, now I am starting to rethink everything


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Nontraditional wedding registry opinion [30 Apr 2008|01:23pm]

My SO and I may end up getting married by years end. We want to plan a dual wedding, one here one in his home of Hawaii. I will have many questions to come about short-term planning, but right now I'm wondering this...

I just read an interesting article regarding non-traditional registries. People setting up Paypal accounts for their Honeymoon with an itemized list showing what your "donation" would provide on that trip, ie. hotel room, fanccy dinner, etc. Others prefering charitable donations. Some lists for assistance to go back to school, help by a house, so on and so forth.

So my question here is, what is your opinion/perception on this? Is it ok to be nontraditional or is it perceived as greedy? Have you encountered these non-traditional registry lists? Does it influence your purchase or the satisfaction of your purchase? Is it ok to register for what you REALLY WANT or should you just ask for that toaster?

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Stonehurst vs. CMAC [20 Feb 2008|05:06pm]

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I know some of you in this community have held your weddings at Stonehurst, and I was hoping you might be able to provide me with some feedback about your experience there.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many guests they had and how well their numbers worked with having dinner in the summer parlor.  We're thinking of having somewhere around 100 people and are wondering if 100 feels crowded in that one room or if it fits comfortably.

Another place we're considering is the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.  The main room there is beautiful and a bit larger than the summer parlor at Stonehurst, but the rest of the building is a little too institutional for what we're looking for.  Has anyone been to a wedding there?  What did you think?

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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Bridal Shops [04 Aug 2007|06:59pm]

Any recommendations for great Bridal Salons in the Worcester area?

Also, I found a dress by White One/W1 on theknot.com that I just love but I can't seem to find any stores that carry that line. Anyone know of any? Thanks!

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[27 Jul 2007|06:31pm]

(xposted to diy_weddings and alternative_wed)

hi, my wife has a few auctions up for cameras and film that we didn't use for our wedding. here they are:

three izone cameras
five rolls of izone film
polaroid one600 instant camera
three high quality disposable cameras

the izone cameras and film didn't seem to match up properly (or maybe we're mechanically challenged?), so we bought the instant camera day of wedding. even though the film was expensive, we loved how cool the guestbook ended up with all the polaroid shots. i'd really recommend it.

thanks for looking!

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Historic Homes [09 Jul 2007|08:09pm]
I'm interested in finding a historic home or estate in the Arlington area for a wedding. So far, I've checked out web sites for Gore Place and the Lyman estate. Any other ideas? It would have to accommodate about 170 guests, which rules out a lot of places.

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Photography [08 Jul 2007|09:44pm]

So I'm about to hire a photographer and wanted to know if anyone knew a Rembrandt Photo in Northampton, MA http://www.rembrandtphoto.com/photos-a.html

The package he's offering is
Unlimited Photos
Unlimited Location
Unlimited Time
4 x 7 photo leather photo album of all photos
and a CD with all the photo's

Total 1800 dollars

I had found another photographer for about a 1000, but his photo's seem more professional anyone ever heard of him or used him... TIA

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DJ's [10 Jun 2007|07:32pm]

Anyone have any good DJ recommendations?  We want someone who has done weddings before and knows all the basics of the first dance, directing the toasts, etc, but we don't want someone that's too over the top and is going to force the chicken dance or the cha cha stomp on us (no offense to anyone who wants those, it's just not our style).  We're also looking for someone who can add things we have to their collection so some of our more obscure music tastes can be incorporated.  We're also thinking of having a lot of 50's and 60's music during dinner, but I assume most DJ's have a solid repetoire of those.

Thanks for any advice!

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Honeymoon registries [10 Jun 2007|12:04am]


I'm getting married in May 2008, and among other things, I'm starting to look into my honeymoon.  I really love the idea of a honeymoon registry.  I already have a lot of household items, and honeymoons are expensive, so it would be great to register for a honeymoon and give guests the option of buying us a honeymoon gift or event instead of housewares.  Has anyone else used a honeymoon registry site before or have any thoughts or recommendations on this idea?  I've found the following sites, but have no idea how to choose or if they are reliable.

Traveler's Joy
The Honeymoon
The Big Day
Honeymoon Wishes

Thanks!  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Best place to shop for wedding dress? [08 Jun 2007|09:29am]

Just found this site and will post an intro later, but right now I have a quick question:

Where's the best place to shop for a wedding dress? Right now I'm mostly looking for some place where I can get a better idea of the size(s), style(s), and color(s) that look best on me. Ideally a place where the employees are really great/helpful because I don't know much about what I want.

Looking for some where in or near Boston, MA. If not in Boston, preferably north of Boston, but if it's good, I'll take what reccommendations I can get. :)

Cost isn't too important right now because this trip is more to get an idea about size, shape, and color (I then plan to go to the Running of the Brides with what I learn from this trip), but I'd rather not go to one of the super high end places.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and sorry if you see this posted more than once, trying to cover all my bases :)

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David's Bridal [31 May 2007|08:57am]

Hi all! Just wanted to give you guys an experience I went through at David's Bridal. I am a SUPER last minute bride, so after going to a few dress shops, I quickly found that nothing was going to be ready in time (1 month) for my wedding, so in desperation, I went to David's Bridal. I've been before and had AWFUL experiences w/the sales staff, ect.. so I wasn't expecting much. But I found a dress I loved in 5 minutes that was a bit too big, but otherwise was perfect. I paid, signed up for a fitting in two weeks, and was on my way. The dress was $400.00 which was more than reasonable in my opinion, so I was happy and really relieved.

Here comes the "fun" part. I went in yesterday for my fitting and there was a bride literally SCREAMING because they had chopped off the satin hem on her dress and she was beyond upset about it. So, I was barely greeted, rushed into a room where I proceeded to wait for 45 minutes in my big heavy dress w/o a clue what was going on (after driving an hour and a half). Finally the seamstress came out and yelled at me and told me I'd have to come back w/my bra I was wearing w/the dress. I told her, I don't want to add any bulk (I'm a 38 DDD) and that I'd prefer to have cups sewn in, or just have the dress be fitted enough where I could go w/o.

This was apparently not acceptable for her and she demanded that I go next door to Lane Bryant and buy a bra or she would not fit me. I purchased probably 3 strapless bras, none that I wanted to wear for the wedding.. so how can I find one in 10 minutes?? So finally I told her that her customer service skills were hideous and that I would find someone to fit the dress elsewhere, where I could be assured they'd have a clue.

I just wanted to share my experience w/you all. I'm actually living in NY now after years in Boston, but am having my wedding on Nantucket. I'm a size 16, with a HUGE chest and first of all finding a dress that would fit my boobs.. I think I ended up having to go w/a size 22W and then not having it fit me correctly so close to my wedding and being treated like that was in my opinion NO way acceptable.

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wedding 05/26/07 [27 May 2007|05:19pm]

Our wedding was incredible. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Everything worked out better than expected and we had a beautiful, intimate time with our families. We had 10 adult guests and 2 children present.

These are just some of the photographs our family members took throughout the day.

lots of photographsCollapse )

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Makeup/hair [15 May 2007|03:28pm]

Hey brides/brides-to-be,

I'm trying to locate a hair/makeup stylist that would be willing to work on site. I would really, really appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!

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[10 May 2007|08:46am]

Ok so most of my wedding planning has gone off with out a hitch. It took some time to find our reception venue but we did and have paid more than half of it off. Everything else just kinda fell into place. Now we picked my families church due to our history and its the only church I know. We recently got a new pastor and things are kinda iffy with him. Basiclly we didnt like him but loved the church, it was open and huge windows, big center isle. It was the curch I grew up in. So litterly a week after we were engaged I talked to him one Sunday in church and he told us oh you have plenty of time I only one wedding this year. I reserved the date for Sept 21st that sunday and litterly two weeks later we knew the right date was the 13th of October. And im not kidding when I say how many times I have called and left messages to him to call me back. finally Jan came and im like dad he has yet to call me back what the heck to I do. So my dad stoped by the church and talked to him to give him the new date nevermind he never called us back. So he informs my dad he cant do that date he wishes we reserved it sooner cause he has a late afternoon wedding. Oh I flipped, I cried and cried and cried. And come to find out the people aint even members. my WHOLE family is My granparents. My parents were married there. Its my DREAM to get married here. So I called him and his sectary put me right through and he told me he could refer me another minister who could do it at my reception or in a park. Or I could even do it at 11:00 am. A am wedding was the last thing I wanted to begin with. I just broke down and cried and told him how important this church was to me. So I basically gave up on getting married here and set out to find a new church. I found one and we loved the pastor. He is so kind and funny. Easy to talk to. One prob. the church is so small. Its an old pilgrim one with no center isle. just isles down the sides. I dont know what to do anymore. Should I give up my dream of a big church or settle for the sweet pastory in his tiny church. We are limited to church cause my fh refuses to be married by a woman. He says he only wants one woman up at the alter...
I serisouly dont know what to do anymore. I'm going to cross post this to MA weddings Maybe some of you lovlies can give me a church on Taunton/ Rehobeth/ area.

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